Why Choose Us?

Trust   |   Experience   |   Reliability

Clodius & Co 

  • I believe we can’t beat experience and couple that with a culture that understands we are learning something new every day. Our environment welcomes open dialogue between our colleagues & clients which allows us to have a better understanding of what you’re looking for. After all, it’s about you!

  • When you’ve made the decision to work with Clodius & Company, we in turn realize the importance of protecting that relationship and serving you as you expect. It might sound funny, but I still get a kick out of telling my wife stories of who we just got into a home and the joy that was connected with that conversation. That’s real and that gives me energy!

  • Through the years, I’ve realized that I have a passion for mentoring others. This interest of mine has come across through the folks I’ve worked with, the employees I’ve hired and the culture that I’ve created within this company.