What We Do.

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Referral Programs:

This business can be just as much about the trusted partner alliances you have as it is about finding the right home and helping with your sale. With those trusted referral sources, you begin to realize a bit about what we have built. We enjoy the ability to refer our clients to individuals & companies we have worked with in the past that strive towards delivering a quality service & product.

Relocation Alliances:

For years, I have worked with out of state buyers in helping them relocate into Colorado. Whether we are showing homes through virtual guided tours or assisting them with how one location might benefit their needs over another. We also welcome other company alliances in this transition as the value add to a potential new employee coming into Colorado.

Staging Services & Guidance:

A normal part of the consultation in the beginning can center around how someone should stage their home to be show ready. While meeting together at your home, we will give you choices on what can be done to increase either the price or the audience interested in purchasing your home. Staging can be an excellent way to allow the potential buyer to envision themselves in your home for the long term.

Prior, I mentioned the importance of building concrete relationships with our clients that last. I feel a key factor in the repeat business and referrals we have received comes from a desire to provide correct, unbiased information that helps in your decisions.